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Steam cooking

salmon, filet of salmon, steamed salmon, asparagus, steamed asparagus Hello everyone on the site devoted entirely to steaming. Such heat treatment is healthiest because it does not use oil as in the case of frying meat or not boil in water where all the vitamins penetrate into the water, then all pour water into the sink. Steaming has many advantages for those on a diet, leading a healthy lifestyle or sick people who can not eat fried foods, or hard fruits and vegetables. Steam-cooked dishes are tasty, easy to digest and cook a is much easier and does not take as much time as it does not have to stand over pots and cooking we'll be burnt.

When steaming also save energy, electric steam cookers have several levels and during a cooking boil meat, vegetables, potatoes and gravy. Many people say that steamed dishes are tasteless and lack of clarity, however, I will show in this site that is not true. Boil beef juicy, tasty chops or scrambled eggs and all steamed and with sauces. I wish everyone a pleasant reading of tasty and healthy dishes on hand. All recipes on this website is checked and you can be sure that you will be preparing dishes tasty and delicious. You will also find some information about the nutritional value of each product, information on vitamins and how they affect the body. In a word, you will learn not only how to cook well on a pair but what vitamins and nutritional value of prepared food supply.

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